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Personalising your homepage

Customising your homepage with kete | Using preset homepages | FAQ

TKI allows you to personalise your homepage with arrangements of kete. Kete display links, notes, or news for a specific TKI community or topic.

You can add and remove kete to create a TKI homepage that reflects your interests. TKI also has a number of 'preset homepages' that you can use – ready-to-go sets of kete grouped around an area of interest.

Customising your homepage with kete

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Your TKI homepage is made up of a number of kete – small baskets containing information related to a TKI community or area of interest.

You can change what kete display on your homepage by entering the Select kete menu. Simply check the kete you want to display (and uncheck kete you wish to remove), before selecting Apply. Your chosen kete will now appear on your homepage.

You can arrange the kete by clicking and dragging them, and remove them quickly by clicking the ‘x’ in the top left of any kete.

To permanently save an arrangement of kete you will need to create a TKI account. A TKI account also lets you create your own kete, and share saved homepages with other users.

Get answers to common questions.

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Using preset homepages

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The Choose a preset homepage menu lets you apply prearranged sets of kete to your homepage.

You can see what kete make up a preset homepage by double clicking it, or using the expand/collapse triangle on the right of each preset.

Select the preset homepage you wish to use, and click Apply.

If you create a TKI account, you can save preset homepages of your own, and share them with others.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a kete?

Kete are small baskets of information – they might contain notes, links, news, video, or some special functionality (like the bookmarks or saved searches kete).

By selecting kete and arranging them on your homepage you can create a personal TKI homepage that displays the links and information you are most interested in.

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What is a preset homepage?

A preset homepage is a ready-to-go collection of kete. These will be grouped around a topic or area of interest, and you can simply select and apply one to get a new arrangement of kete on your homepage.

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Will my homepage arrangement stay in place?

If you have not logged in to TKI, changes that you make to your homepage will usually stay in place for that individual web browser and computer. If you use a different browser, or a different computer, you will usually see the default homepage.

The best way to permanently save a preset homepage is to create a TKI account, and save your arrangement of kete with the Save homepage button. Find out more.

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How do I permanently save my homepage?

You can permanently save your homepage (and multiple other preset homepages) by creating a TKI account and using the Save homepage button. Find out more.

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Can I create my own kete?

Yes. To create your own personal kete you need to create a TKI account. You can then create kete directly from the Select kete menu. Find out more.

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What is the My bookmarks kete?

The 'My bookmarks' kete holds your personal bookmarks. It is only available when you are logged in.

To add bookmarks to the 'My bookmarks' kete, select Bookmark from the TKI bar, and click Confirm. This will add a link for the current page to your 'My bookmarks' kete.

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What is the Saved searches kete?

The 'Saved searches' kete allows you to save TKI search results. It is only available when you are logged in.

To save a search, click Save this search from the TKI search results page. This will add a link for those search results to your 'Saved searches' kete.

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What is the MyKete kete?

The 'MyKete' kete provides access to user data stored in the MyKete feature of the old TKI. It is provided to help users of the old system migrate their MyKete bookmarks.

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