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News of April 2012

NZ Curriculum Update 20: Raising student achievement through school planning


This Update highlights the importance of planning within ongoing self-review aimed at improving student outcomes. It is intended to support schools and kura as they think about the next steps in their self-review cycle and to help them establish shared understandings about planning processes, expected outcomes, and achievement for priority groups.

Linking Minds Scholarship


The Linking Minds Scholarship is a prestigious international award for young teachers who identify themselves as emerging leaders.

The scholarship is sponsored by the British Council, the Ministry of Education, the New Zealand Teachers Council and the NZ-UK Link Foundation, and aims to recognise and promote effective teaching by providing international experience for teachers early in their careers.

This year there are 4 scholarships available in total for teachers or principals working in early childhood, primary, or secondary education.

Find out more about the scholarship and how to apply here

Applications should be postmarked no later than 25 May 2012.

Learning spaces


Find out what schools are doing to create new learning spaces. Watch the latest video clips of school stories, join the discussion, and find out more from the research and readings.

Embedded Support in Audio


Learning Media is piloting the use of embedded support in the audio versions of non-fiction texts from the School Journal, Junior Journal, and School Journal Story Library (years 5-6) and School Journal Story Library (years 7-8).

Embedded support is designed to assist students to use visual features, such as photographs and diagrams, to help them make meaning of the text.

The aim of including embedded support in audio is to help students to use the strategies highlighted in the audio file independently when they read other non-fiction texts.

Two embedded support items - School Journal and Junior Journal are currently online.

Teachers are asked to provide feedback after they have used the audio track(s).

ANZAC Day resources

ANZAC Day resources


Here are some of the collections of material relevant to ANZAC day that can be found from TKI, Digistore, and a number of external sources: 

Kia Mau - 28th (Māori) Battalion multimedia resources and social studies units

wickED Topic ANZAC Day

wickED Topic War and Peace  

Teacher support material for School Journal stories and articles 

Digistore film clips, audio clips, images, and more

English Online unit plans Anzacs and Us and Conflict and War   

Arts Online Teacher resource exchange Anzac Day Cross arts ideas and Anzac Day music

NZ On Screen ANZAC Day collection

New Zealand History online Social Studies activities and The red poppy

National Library ANZAC topic collection 

Image sourced from KeteScape

e-asTTle outage on Wednesday April 18th


e-asTTle will be unavailable from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Wednesday 18th April 2012. This scheduled outage is to upgrade functionality.

Find out more...

Getting the EOTC message across


A professional development programme to equip educators to manage EOTC effectively using the resources available is currently being rolled out across the country.
Find out about the EOTC workshops coming to your area soon...



Find out from these school stories how e-portfolios are helping students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. Technology enables the use of a range of media - video, sound, and images, as well as text to show both the learning process and final products.
To find out more you can also join the e-portfolio discussion in the VLN.

Resources for the revised e-asTTle writing tool now available


The following resources are now on the e-asTTle website to support the implementation of the revised e-asTTle writing tool, available from the beginning of Term 2, 2012.

More online support will be made available in the near future, including updates to the Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question you would like added to the website, please email us here.

NZC Update 19 - Selecting texts for students in years 4-8


This Update introduces the new guidelines Selecting texts for students in years 4-8
When teachers are selecting texts from a wide range of sources, many of the texts don't have information on reading year levels.
The guidelines include a framework designed to help teachers select texts at an appropriate level of difficulty and to identify the characteristics likely to challenge or support learners. The framework can be used with texts from sources such as magazines, newspapers, books, and the Internet.
Find out more....