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News of September 2016

DualPathways secondary-tertiary Pilot


The Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, and the Minister of Education, recently announced DualPathways – a new secondary-tertiary pilot that will run from 2017.

Applications close on 10 October 2016.

DualPathways builds on sector feedback about the Secondary-Tertiary Programme (STP) Pilot, a smaller pilot that finishes in December 2016.

From 2017, the DualPathways Pilot will help students achieve qualifications at Levels 2 and 3 and help them move into employment or further education. About 1200 places will be available nationally next year, and 1500 places in 2018.

DualPathways programmes will be developed through partnerships between schools and tertiary education providers. Industry training organisations can also be involved by linking with a tertiary provider.

DualPathways students will be enrolled part-time in secondary school and part-time in either tertiary education or industry training.

Schools who want to take part in the DualPathways Pilot in 2017 should contact local tertiary providers to discuss programme opportunities.

If a school doesn’t have existing relationships with tertiary providers, Ministry of Education Secondary-Tertiary Leads (click on the region you require to gain their name and contact details) can provide contact details and facilitate discussions and engagement.

Go to information on the DualPathways Pilot on the TEC website .

Email dualpathways.pilot@education.govt.nz with any questions. The answers will be posted on the TEC website .

For more information about the media release, go to the DualPathways Pilot on the Beehive website .

New Ready to Read resources


Teacher support material (TSM) and audio files are now online for five new Ready to Read titles:



New Zealand Birds (including audio file with bird calls)


Hannah's Bike

T-shirts from Nana


Swimming lessons

Special education study awards and scholarships – apply now


Applications are open for special education study awards and scholarships.

Find out about the specific details of each study award and scholarship, including:

  • application dates
  • what the scholarships and awards offer
  • criteria for applying
  • applying online

by going to the Ministry of Education's website

Apply now for Reading Recovery 2017


If you are interested in applying for Reading Recovery support, updated forms are now online on NZ Curriculum Online.

The final date for applications is the end of term 3 2016, 23 September 2016.

Tihei Pāngarau: Te Ahumoni, Taumata 4, e-ako 1


This is the first in a series of digital interactive learning modules relating to Financial Capability. It is part of the Tihei Pāngarau family of learning resource materials, is targetted at level 4 of the curriculum, and includes learning about:

  • needs and wants;
  • the place of money for a family to secure their needs and wants;
  • the various pathways that individuals and families receive income;
  • financial decisions around saving and spending.

The module includes aspects of Financial Capability relating to both mathematics and social studies, as well as being illustrated through proverb and story.

Partners in Learning: Helping your child do well at school


The Education Review Office (ERO) has released a new booklet for parents, families, and whānau that sets out what parents can expect from their child’s school, and how they can help their child do well at school.

It describes what parents can do if they are concerned about their child’s learning and progress, and what they can expect the school to do to help.

The booklet can be downloaded from ERO's website and schools will receive copies of the booklet in the mail.

To order more printed copies please email info@ero.govt.nz

Haepapa – Effective Governance in Māori Medium


This online flip-book has been created to support the role of a school trustee working in Māori medium Level 1 and 2, immersion, bilingual units, and Kura ā-iwi.

The document will also assist trustees working in kura kaupapa Māori and other schools with a high proportion of Māori students.

A printable version (pdf) is available for download.

Professional learning and development – how will the new system work for me?


A new system of centrally-funded professional learning and development (PLD) comes into effect soon.

Two Education Gazette articles provide information on how the system will work and what schools need to do:

Professional learning and development – the story so far

How will the new system work for me?

Using digital technologies to support learning in a senior secondary context


This online guide has been developed by the Connected Learning Advisory to support school leaders and teachers in preparing for NZQA's extensive innovation programme for going digital, which will impact all senior secondary students.

The guide provides ideas, resources, and school stories illustrating how NZ secondary schools use digital technologies to extend and enhance learning in the NCEA years.

The guide has been produced in response to a number of specific queries from schools.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and learning


Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and learning is a new guide on the Inclusive Education website.

This guide provides teachers with targeted strategies to meet the multi-faceted needs of students living with FASD.

FASD is a lifelong condition that affects brain structures, processes and functioning, and emotional regulation.