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News of August 2019

TeachNZ study awards, sabbaticals, and study support grants


Applications for study awards and study support grants for educators are now open for 2020.

More information, including the application deadlines for 2019, can be found on the TeachNZ website.

Awards for gifted learners or groups of learners, and learners with exceptional abilities


As part of the package of support for gifted education, submissions are open for the October round of awards for gifted learners.

The twice-yearly awards have three categories: early learning, primary, and secondary awards.

The awards are for learners or groups of learners who identify as gifted or have exceptional abilities.

They are designed to support learners to take part in something they’re really interested in, challenging and extending them and supporting their overall wellbeing.

Submissions opened on 26 July and close on 30 August. Awards will be announced on 31 October.

In the last round, a wide range of interests were supported including robotics, music, problem-solving, languages, and science research.

For more information, visit TKI's Gifted Learners website