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News of September 2019

Build your confidence to teach financial capability


To help you implement the Sorted in Schools online programme, we’re coming to a city near you! 

These workshops are open to all teachers and leaders and are completely FREE to attend.

From 6–14 November, Jill MacDonald (new relationship manager) and the team will be running training workshops in Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, and Tauranga. These workshops will help you:

  • understand what financial capability is
  • navigate the Sorted in Schools website resources for years 9 and 10 financial capability 
  • unpack NZC/financial progressions 
  • build confidence around financial capability
  • talk about ways to implement it in your teaching programmes.  

View further details and register for a PLD November workshop...

Strengthening curriculum, progress, and achievement for every child and young person


The Government’s vision for the future of New Zealand education reflects the overwhelming aspirations of New Zealanders, as expressed in the Kōrero Mātauranga, for a more inclusive, equitable, and connected New Zealand education and learning system.

The Advisory Group’s advice makes it clear that to achieve our vision for education we need  to change the way we use our national curriculum, so that:

  • every student experiences opportunities to learn and progress through a curriculum that values their identity, language and culture, their strengths and aspirations, and those of their whānau.
  • students, parents, whānau, and teachers have strong relationships focused on a holistic view of the progress students are making across a range of learning
  • students, parents, and whānau are active participants in their kura or school’s marau ā-kura or local curriculum teachers and school leaders are well supported through clear system leadership, strong networks, and better access to resources, guidance, and development opportunities
  • high levels of trust allow information about student progress to be used and shared with confidence, to show what’s working for our children and young people, what needs to be improved, and where more resources are needed.

Changes to make sure all children and young people learn about New Zealand’s histories are an important first step, but there are other aspects of the national curriculum that need a fresh look.

The Ministry will work collaboratively over the coming months on four initial actions to:

  • develop a process for updating our national curriculum to make sure it’s fit for purpose, and reflects our aspirations for all children and young people
  • develop resources that make it easier to recognise and respond to each student’s progress
  • develop a common approach to holistic records of learning that travel with students throughout their learning journey – so that they, their parents, whānau and teachers can see, understand and support their progress
  • create a trusted environment for using information about student progress that benefits all children and young people’s learning.

The Ministry will work collaboratively with Māori and Pacific, teachers, leaders, students and their whānau over the coming months on these initial actions, alongside progressing the Advisory Group’s recommendations to strengthen leadership, networks, and capability, and improving access to resources.

These changes will not be rushed.

The national priorities for professional learning and development have also been updated to
support teachers and leaders, and align with the focus on curriculum, progress, and

The new priorities are:

  •  English medium settings: cultural capability, local curriculum design, and assessment for learning
  •  Māori medium settings: Mātauranga and te reo Māori, marau ā-kura and aromatawai
  •  All: digital fluency.

Read more on the Education Conversation website.

Rugby World Cup 2019

Rugby World Cup 2019


A selection of resources to help engage students in this global event:
Rugby World Cup Japan 2019
The Asia NZ Foundation has curated a range of resources to help students learn about Japan. 
National Library of New Zealand – Rugby World Cup 2019
History, rules, teams, and technology involved in the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Includes videos, audio, articles, websites, and more.
NZ Maths – Rugby World Cup stats
Level 4 unit. Students use statistics about top ranked teams in the 2019 Rugby World Cup to predict the winner of the World Cup.
Rugby World Cup 2011
Many activities in this resource can be re-used or adapted for this year’s World Cup. 

School Leavers' Toolkit: Practical skills for life


Advice and resources to help students find their way after leaving school.

Includes information for students about tertiary education financial support, moving out of home, getting a job, taking care of themselves and others, money and tax, and government and voting. Available in English and te reo Māori.



The StudyIt website for secondary students has a fresh new look and a change of address.

(Anyone visiting the old URL will be automatically redirected).

StudyIt is an online learning environment for NCEA science, maths, and English students, with information for students about what they need to know to achieve particular achievement standards, as well as discussion forums, and general study and exam advice.

Students can use forums to discuss NCEA issues with other students and teachers, and send specific questions to expert teachers.

StudyIt is also now more responsive to being viewed on mobile devices. 

Conservation Week Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa 14–22 Mahuru


This year New Zealand celebrates 50 years of Conservation Week. 

Conservation Week is run by the Department of Conservation (DOC) to encourage people to get involved in nature and help to take care of it. 

The official Department of Conservation website for Conservation Week offers information, resources, activities, conservation week events, and competitions to support your involvement.

The New Zealand Curriculum Online also has ideas, suggestions, and links to resources to help schools and students participate.

Kauwhata Reo


Kauwhata Reo is a new central online hub for te reo Māori resources to support the growth of teaching and learning te reo Māori.

The hub can be viewed in te reo Māori or English.

Find out more...

Social sciences Online: Tuia Mātauranga 2019


The Tuia Mātauranga 2019 national education programme supports teaching and learning, highlighting local people and places, and events that shaped their history.

The programme is aimed at inspiring children and young people to explore their own stories of who they are and where they come from, to develop a sense of whakapapa and identity.

Four themes are incorporated: globalisation, enterprise, citizenship, and sustainability. 

These will be explored within the context of Voyaging, New Zealand HistoryLegacy of Learning, and First Encounters.

Find out more...