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News of May 2020

Enabling e-Learning – Snapshots of Learning


Would you like to find out how other NZ schools use digital technologies to support teaching and learning?

Enabling eLearning has Snapshots of learning that are real-life examples of effective classroom practice.

The collection from over 50 schools features a variety of topics, learning areas, and year levels. 

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV – supporting teachers and learners


Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV is continuing to support children and young people’s learning – whether they are at school or home.

New content is being added over the coming days, including Anika Moa leading the daily waiata (started 18 May), digital technology, and projects for junior and senior learners by Raranga Matihiko and the Learning Team at Te Papa Tongarewa (starting 28 May).

Teachers can now access details of the upcoming week’s lessons on the Learning From Home website so they can plan ahead, and incorporate the lessons into their teaching programmes.

Lesson plans will also be available through the site, which teachers can use and reuse to support teaching and learning.

The Covid-19 situation has highlighted that learning can take place anytime, anywhere – not just in the classroom, but at home, online, and outside, and in any blend of these contexts.

The lessons that have been developed and presented by teachers for Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV will become part of a bank of resources that teachers, parents and learners will continue to have access to for some time to come.

NCEA – Resources to support distance learning during COVID 19


The Ministry of Education is providing resources to schools and teachers to support their NCEA students with distance learning.

The NCEA subject pages contain resources including online courses, adapted assessment resources, online resources that substitute learning that can't be done by distance, and details of print-on-demand resources.

Learning from home: Supporting maths learning at home


NZ Maths has a collection of resources for parents and whānau to support their child’s maths learning at home.

View the introductory video, read the maths tips by year level, and use the task sheets to complete maths activities at home.

Task sheets are organised by levels and students may work across multiple levels at any point in time.

Includes years 1 -10.

Using social media to connect with your school community


Are you considering how to maintain connections and reach all of your school community during this time of social distancing?

This guide offers schools starting points for using social media with their communities.

A collection of school stories shows how schools are making these connections.