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News of September 2023

Ata and Oho card deck boxes.

New online learning module - Exploring Ata and Oho


The new online learning module Exploring Ata and Oho is a 30-minute self-directed learning module to support teachers and kaiako in delivering the Ata and Oho social-emotional learning resource in their classroom.

What are Ata and Oho?

A collection of cards and activities for teaching and learning social and emotional skills, knowledge, and strategies.

What is the module about?

It will help you use the Ata and Oho activities with your ākonga, demonstrating six examples of how to use social and emotional learning to get to know your ākonga better and design a meaningful local curriculum with them.

Who is this module for?

It's designed for kaiako who work with students in years 4-10, but is relevant to all ākonga and can be used flexibly across all year levels. We welcome and encourage all kaiako to get familiar with using Ata and Oho.

Start today

To learn more, or to start Exploring Ata and Oho (you can go at your own pace), head over to the Ministry of Education Learning Management System

More information on TKI

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Ata and Oho.