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Do I have copyright on my stuff?

Unless otherwise agreed, you own the copyright in anything original that you create – anything you write, draw, video, compose, etc, all by yourself. Your copyright happens automatically. You don't need to register your work with anyone or use the © copyright symbol on your work.

Copyright means other people, including people in your school, must ask you for permission to copy, perform, or exhibit your work, such as putting your stories or paintings in the school newsletter or website, or playing or recording your own music.

You may like to consider using a Creative Commons licence for your work. This will tell people what they can and can’t do with your work. See Creative Commons licences explained.

Can I use the © symbol?

Yes, if you want to. It helps remind people that you own the copyright of the creative work you've put it on.

But if you do put a copyright © symbol for yourself on a project, make extra sure that you have acknowledged everyone else's material that you have used, and that you are allowed to use their material in the way that you have.

You should also put the year you created the work next to your © symbol, as that advises others what year your copyright began and when it will end (usually 50 years after your lifetime).