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School copyright policy – sample

The school will respect all copyright rights including:

  • the rights of owners of third party material used in teaching
  • the rights of students in all material they create in and for school
  • the rights teachers have in material they created prior to being employed at the school and in material created while employed at the school.

The school will comply with New Zealand copyright legislation including sections relating to educational and library use.

The school will purchase appropriate copyright licences where its use of copyright material exceeds that permitted under the Act and the school will comply with the terms of these licences.

While acknowledging that the school can not control all actions of its students, the school will endeavour to educate students on copyright use, including referencing, approved copying, and proper use of electronic material and downloadable music.

The school will set up copyright procedures within the school to facilitate compliance with this policy, including training and education of staff and the appointment of a board of trustees member and staff member responsible for copyright.

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