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What's new

Modern learning environment (MLE) case studies and factsheets


Schools around the country are embarking on new and innovative teaching and learning approaches to respond to the major shifts in the use of technologies and the way students are learning.

Reporting to parents – more new resources


Assessment Online has added new resources on Reporting to Parents. You can find real reporting examples from schools here.

We've got examples from a range of schools:

Also check out the complete framework for effective information sharing, underpinning the approach to Reporting to Parents signalled in the new resources now available.

Waitangi 175


A new website Waitangi 175 has been launched to commemorate 175 years since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi next year. The site will enable teachers, principals, boards, and their communities to develop a range of teaching and learning programmes that can link to New Zealand's history, civics, citizenship, and nationhood. Schools will also be able to share what they are doing to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Revised School Traffic Safety Team Manual


The School Traffic Safety Team Manual is the guide for New Zealand schools operating school patrols, school wardens, and bus wardens. It has been revised and re-released.

The manual can be downloaded as a PDF file from the NZTA Education Portal. You can also read all the chapters online.

Supporting documents include a template consent letter to parents, traffic infringement report, and training sheet.

Prime Minister's Education Excellence Awards


The Prime Minister's Education Excellence Awards are now open for entries. 
These awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements in early childhood education, primary, and secondary schooling. 
Eligibility criteria and entry forms are available from the website.
Entries close at 5:00pm, Friday 20th March 2015. 

New online resources share future-focused learning examples


A new web section has been launched to share some of the diverse ways schools are using digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning.
The Future-focused Learning Examples web section currently features examples and approaches from Leamington and Newmarket schools with more planned for 2015.

Live webinar: e-Learning tools in Literacy - writing using digital tools, 3 Dec, 3:45-4:45pm


Explore ways to use digital tools to ignite, support, and extend literacy skills for all writers. 
Register now.

Ready to Read - new look


The Ready to Read section on Literacy Online has just had a makeover! This means that TSM and audio files are now grouped together on a single page, along with the other titles at the same colour level.

This updated section also includes 16 new TSM and audio files to support the guided reading texts recently sent to schools. 

Join the community discussion if you'd like to share how you are using these resources. 

NZTA Secondary curriculum resources


Resources for schools and teachers with students in year 9 and above to plan teaching and learning aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum. These resources include mathematics and statistics, English, visual arts, science, and more.

Ready to Read review webinar 20 November 2014, 3.30 to 4.30pm


For: Teachers and literacy leaders.
Purpose: To provide explanation around the changes to the levelling of Ready to Read texts, introduce some of the new texts, and provide a forum for discussion.
Register: You can register for the webinar online Find out more....