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What's new

Health Promoting Schools


Find out about new tools, resources, and professional development opportunities that have been added to the HPS website

LEARNZ virtual field trip: Rakiura, Stewart Island, 5-7 Nov


This virtual field  trip fits well with big ideas like sustainability, tourism, communities, personal responsibility, and environment.
Find out more…

Science Learning Hub: Zealong Tea


This Innovation story looks at the development process of growing tea plants, establishing a tea plantation, processing oolong tea in New Zealand, and its success in international markets.

Picture books with mathematical content


Using picture books with mathematical content can be an effective way to engage students and explore problems within entertaining contexts. This section of the nzmaths site lists picture books with mathematical content sorted by level and strand. There are related  teaching activities for many of the suggested books.

Tau Mai Te Reo Education Strategy 2013-2017


Tau Mai Te Reo – The Māori language in education strategy 2013-2017 (Tau Mai Te Reo) expresses what the Ministry of Education and education sector agencies will do for learners of Māori language in Education.  Includes Māori medium education and Māori language in English medium.

The Arts curriculum guide update


The arts senior secondary curriculum guide has been updated to include a new section, learning programme design.
Includes learning programme snapshots developed by practising teachers.

Community Languages and ESOL national conference 2014


CLESOL 10-13 July 2014

The call for conference papers is now open, and will close on Friday 6 December. For further information please see the conference website.

Heritage Explorer


A new teacher resource has been published by New Zealand Historic Places Trust to support teachers of years 1-10. The resource links to the New Zealand curriculum, and explores ways to develop students’ understanding about heritage. Learning experiences and approaches are for level 4 of the curriculum, but can easily be adapted to different levels.

Attention all school principals and leaders


As a part of your school’s annual self review process and planning for 2014, applications for support including Programme for Students and Professional Learning and Development are due on 27 September 2013. If you won’t be able to complete your application by the deadline, contact the Ministry’s regional PLD project lead. An application form and additional information is available in the Download: 'Request supplementary support form 2014' here.

120 years of votes for women


On 19 September 1893 New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world to grant the right to vote in parliamentary elections to all adult women.
The Electoral Commission celebrates this with a new teaching resource Your Voice, Your Choice: Votes for Women,  designed to develop students’ understanding of the suffragists’ achievement 120 years ago and to encourage voter participation today. The focus of the resource is on the right to participate and engage in the democratic process.

Find out more about women’s suffrage