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What's new

Top Outdoor Spot competition


The New Zealand Walking Access Commission’s 2016 Top Outdoor Spot competition offers NZ primary and intermediate schools and students the chance to win great prizes by sending in photos, drawings, and creative descriptions of their favourite outdoor places.

The competition is being run from the Both Sides of the Fence educational website from 1 February to 8 May 2016. Teachers can combine Social Sciences, English, and EOTC learning with the Both Sides of the Fence message of responsible behaviour in the outdoors, considering different people’s viewpoints and valuing the outdoors.

Find out more…

Online ESOL Support for Schools – Accelerated English Language Learning (ACCELL)


The Ministry of Education has an online ESOL programme available for schools who have students in years 7–10 who are new learners of the English language.

This programme on the Virtual Learning Network (VLN) is designed to accelerate English language learning  to support these students in their mainstream classes.

Schools who are new to ESOL students and who do not have established ESOL departments or ESOL teachers will find this resource invaluable.

For more information about ACCELL, see ESOL Online.

If you would like to discuss the programme, please contact Ruthanne Kennedy, ruthanne.kennedy@accell.school.nz

Assessment Online Newsletter – PLD resources


Find out about Assessment Online PLD resources to use in your school in the latest newsletter from Assessment Online.

LEARNZ 2016 Virtual Field Trips


With more to come, free online LEARNZ field trips for NZ schools in 2016 include: Opera (performing arts); Where are We? (social sciences); Wetland Biodiversity (science-living world); Waka Voyaging (PE/health); Love Your Rubbish (social sciences, technology); Smart Motorways (technology, social sciences); Geohazards (science, social sciences); Waterview Connection (technology, social sciences);  Antarctica (science, nature of science).

 Find out more about field trips for 2016, how to join LEARNZ, and what teachers are saying about LEARNZ

Walking School Bus


The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has the resources you need for setting up a Walking School Bus at your school.