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What's new

Money Week - Get your money fighting fit


Money Week takes place this year between Monday 13 October and Sunday 19 October. Money Week provides the opportunity to engage parents, whānau, and local businesses with learning experiences and conversations about financial literacy. This resource page from New Zealand Curriculum Online has a collection of resources to support your school's involvement in Money Week, and ideas on how you can make financial capability an ongoing area of curriculum focus.

Webinar: NZQA assessment online and digital exams 14 October 3:45-4:45pm


NZQA is working towards moving external student assessment to the online environment. This webinar will cover:

  • piloting and test opportunities for schools
  • technical requirements
  • an introduction to what other jurisdictions are doing (for example, British Columbia, the Netherlands),  the issues and challenges they faced and the lessons learned, and how this is shaping NZQA’s thinking.

Steve Bargh (NZQA) will be the lead presenter and Howard Baldwin and Elizabeth Eley from the Ministry of Education will be available to address further questions from schools.

To register for this free webinar »

This Enabling e-Learning event is part of PLD Connected Educator Month during October. Free webinar 14 October 3:45-4:45pm

Ka mārō te aho tapu, ka tau te korowai: Te reo Māori findings from Te Kupenga 2013


Ka mārō te aho, ka tau te korowai: Te reo Māori findings from Te Kupenga 2013 is a new report that explores the drivers related to Māori language proficiency and usage inside and outside the home in NZ. The report provides an opportunity to relate information on te reo Māori proficiency with use, education, and other aspects of Māori culture.

Antarctica - Cool Science in Action


Join the LEARNZ team virtually in Antarctica, 3–7 November 2014. Travel aboard a giant C17 Globemaster, complete a survival training course, go diving through holes in the sea ice, visit penguin colonies and seal haul-outs, discover how energy moves through Antarctic marine food webs, and work with specimens in the laboratory at Scott Base. All this while you put questions live to scientists working on climate change. Find out more... 

Connected Educator Month – October 2014


  • Connecting educators across Aotearoa-New Zealand: A collaborative calendar for October is connecting thousands of educators, in NZ and beyond, to free (and freely given) professional learning events, communities and resources.
  • Free, connected professional learning: 31 event-filled days will offer free, online access to regional, national, and global workshops, keynotes, panels, discussions and more. It’s a celebration of how we can support each others’ professional learning in a connected world.
  • Check out the Starter Kete and learn new skills every day throughout October
  • Browse the calendar and plot a pathway of online learning right through October, both local and global
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Tuvalu Language Week 2014


Fakatalofa atu! Tuvalu Language Week begins on Monday 29 September and runs until Sunday 5 October. This year's theme is:
Tuvalu Tau Gana Ko Tou Lagaifakalaga – Your Language Keeps Your Culture and Identity Afloat. By teaching Pasifika languages, schools can help meet the vision and goals of the Pasifika Education Plan 2013–2017 (PEP). 

See NZ Curriculum Online for resources to help you celebrate and nurture the language and culture of Tuvalu in your classroom and school community.

The Elsie Locke Writing Prize


Congratulations to Cecile Kruger, a year 8 student at Stirling Primary School South Otago, winner of this year’s Elsie Locke Writing Prize. Cecile’s story, “Close to the Edge”, was a standout among the almost eight hundred entries, all of which had the theme of “water”. Go to the Elsie Locke Trust website to read Cecile’s story. It will also be published in the next issue of the level 4 School Journal (November 2014), which will be distributed to schools and available as a PDF on Literacy Online.

Literacy, English, & ESOL community newsletter – September 2014


These monthly newsletters are full of news, items of interest, and information to support you in your role. 
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New School Journals available online


The September 2014 editions of The School Journal, teacher support material (TSM), and audio files are now available online

Junior Journal 49


Junior Journal 49 is now available online as a PDF. There are also links on this page to teacher support materials and audio files for Junior Journal 49.