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What's new

New on Inclusive Education


Eight new guides for teachers and school leaders have been published on the Inclusive Education website. These guides provide practical strategies, suggestions, and resources to support school leaders and teachers to build an inclusive environment enabling success for learners with diverse needs. Take a look at the new guides, which cover the following topics: 

New School Journals – May 2015


During May 2015 schools will receive three School Journals – one at each of the levels 2, 3, and 4.

PDFs of all texts, teacher support materials, and audio support for the level 2 journal are available online.

Elsie Locke Writing Prize 2015


The Elsie Locke Writing Prize, for original writing by students in years 7 and 8, commemorates Elsie Locke’s life, both as a writer and as a person who was concerned about peace, the environment, women’s issues, and community.

The winner receives $250 together with a commemorative bookplate and certificate, and the story is published in a School Journal. Entries need to arrive by Monday, 6 July 2015.
Full details are available in the PDF:

Elsie Locke 2015 (PDF 349KB)

The New Zealand flag - your chance to decide


New Zealanders have the chance to decide in the upcoming flag referendums - whether to keep the existing flag or choose a new design.

This resource in English and te reo Māori is designed to help teachers, leaders, students, and whānau as they engage with the flag consideration process in their school community. 

Within the resource there are links to The New Zealand Curriculum, resources to help explore personal and national identity, and ideas to guide the replication of the referendum process within your school.

The resource caters for students from years 1–10 and can be adapted to suit the learners in your classroom.

New Zealand Sign Language Week 4–10 May 2015


New Zealand Sign Language Week takes place this year 4–10 May. This page provides ideas and resources that teachers and students can use to get involved.

Online ESOL support for schools


The Ministry of Education has a new online ESOL programme available to intermediate and secondary schools that have students who are new learners of the English language.

This programme on the Virtual Learning Network is designed to accelerate English language learning to help students in years 7–13 catch up to their peers as quickly as possible. It may be particularly useful for schools who have not had ESOL students before or don’t have an established ESOL department or ESOL teachers.

Find out more.....

Effective EOTC management in schools PLD – registrations open

Effective EOTC management in schools PLD – registrations open


This PLD, based around the Ministry of Education Guidelines (2009) Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) Guidelines - Bringing the Curriculum Alive, is available as 2-day workshops in South Auckland, North Shore - Auckland, Central Wellington, Porirua, and Christchurch during May, July, or August 2015

The PLD is especially relevant for schools that have not engaged with the Guidelines or have new staff, particularly in school leadership roles and EOTC coordination.

Full details including online registration can be found on Education Outdoors New Zealand website.

New Zealand Flag Consideration Project


While the New Zealand flag has changed before, it’s the first time in NZ history that the public have had a say in the design of a flag. 
As part of the Government’s public engagement process, from May 2015 schools will have the opportunity to participate by setting up their own referendums, and mirroring the national consideration and voting process.

For schools and kura that wish to participate, the New Zealand Flag Consideration Project will provide a range of resources aligned to the National Curriculum.  Schools/kura will be able to set up their own student panels to guide their processes. The panels will lead discussions in their schools on New Zealand’s identity and how a flag should reflect this.
Find out more........

High Country hi-tech – using drones, mobile maps, and other smart tools in remote NZ


Explore the richness and diversity of the NZ high country with this LEARNZ virtual field trip starting 12 May 2015. Meet people who are using technology in fascinating ways for work and leisure, and be in to win a computer tablet in the “Name the Drone” competition for students.

ANZAC day e-learning resources


A collection of New Zealand online resources to support learning and teaching about ANZAC day and the First World War centenary.