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What's new

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) modules


Formative  teaching and learning resources are now available for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These are designed to be used together. Each module contains two sections:

  • Teaching and learning sequences
  • Formative assessment

International Senior Secondary Science Opportunities 2014


International opportunities are available for Yr 12 and Yr 13 students who are passionate about science. A maximum of 3 applications per school for each of the opportunities is allowed. Complete applications must be received by 4.00pm Wednesday 26th March 2014. Find out more…

Safety in Technology Education: A Guidance Manual for New Zealand Schools


The revised safety guide for technology education is now available online. The guide has been updated to reflect the technology curriculum and current practice.

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He pitopito kōrero


The first issue of Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He pitopito kōrero has been sent out. The bulletin is the Ministry’s central channel for communicating information to schools. This is the new central channel for school-related information. The bulletin will be sent to principals and board chairs fortnightly on Monday mornings and will then be published on the Ministry of Education website.

The Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards


A way to recognise your own, and other's, good work. The Prime Minister's Education Excellence Awards are open for entries. You might know someone or be interested in applying yourself. Take a look, check the criteria. The forms are on the website: http://www.pmawards.education.govt.nz/.  If you have any questions email address: info@pmawards.education.govt.nz

Science Learning Hub contexts


The Science Learning Hub 'contexts' explore major themes or ideas. Each context is supported by a range of collections including multimedia files, classroom resources based on the requirements of the NZ science curriculum, and stories of NZ’s science and technology sector in action.

Pacific languages compendium


The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs now has a Pacific Languages Compendium, a web-based directory of New Zealand government resources that are written or delivered in a Pacific language. Also includes educational resources for Pacific language learning, and government initiatives such as action plans or programmes that support Pacific people who are living in New Zealand.

e-Learning Planning Framework revised


The e-Learning Planning Framework provides schools and teachers with a self-review tool to gather evidence about practice and a "road map" for building e-learning capability.

The framework has been revised in January 2014. The key changes are:

  • re-ordering the order of dimensions to raise focus on the importance of engagement with whānau and community
  • inclusion of whānau and student engagement in several strands so that schools can involve the wider community in self-review, should they choose to do so
  • "Pre-emerging" added as a phase throughout the frameworks
  • a new strand added in the Teaching dimension, "Digital literacy embedded in the curriculum".

Visit the e-Learning Planning Framework section to download the revised e-Learning Planning Framework (eLPF).

Connected 2013 is available online


Connected 2013 is different from previous editions. In addition to printed resources, each article is available as Google Slides on Google Drive, and the first article from each issue has additional digital content for students. 

Most of the text, images and videos from each article are also available in Google Drive for teachers and students to download, copy, and reuse for educational purposes. Find out more.... 

Top Outdoor Spot 2014


This competition is being run in term 1 on the curriculum-aligned Both Sides of the Fence website, developed by the New Zealand Walking Access Commission. Students have the chance to win by sharing photos and short stories about their favourite outdoor places. Find out more....