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What's new

Maintenance of the Vocational Pathways


To ensure that the Vocational Pathways remain current and relevant we are carrying out a minor update for 2016.

This means expired standards and qualifications can be removed and newly registered standards and qualifications can be considered for inclusion.

Submissions are being received for any proposed inclusion of standards and qualifications into the Vocational Pathways. 

You have until the 18th April to make a submission.

Find out more from this page on the Youth Guarantee website.

Student Management System Workshops


The Ministry’s Student Information Sharing Initiative (SISI) is working with the sector to resolve  the challenge of easily accessing and sharing information that schools, students, and caregivers need.

Following sector feedback requesting professional learning support on the use of student management systems (SMS), the Connected Learning Advisory—Te Ara Whītiki is running a series of half-day workshops throughout Term 2 on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

These workshops are free of charge and are being held in 30 regional locations. These workshops will be useful to senior leaders in all schools and kura, regardless of the SMS you use.

You can register here for a workshop in your area.

Read more about the Student Information Sharing Initiative here in this Education Gazette article.

Choosing the right digital device


Choosing the right digital devices for your school can be a challenge. There are many devices to choose from with different specifications, prices, and functionality.

The Connected Learning Advisory (CLA) can support you in the decision-making process and has produced a guide to help you: Choosing the right digital device.

CLA also hosted a webinar on this topic where contributors shared their experiences with digital device choices in school.

View the webinar and find out more....

ERO resources to help schools improve student wellbeing


The Education Review Office (ERO) has released two new publications about supporting the wellbeing of children and young people at school:

Wellbeing for success: a resource for schools

Wellbeing for success: effective practice

Together these reports will help you to better promote and respond to learners’ wellbeing.

Wellbeing for success: effective practice gives you examples of what works and why.

Wellbeing for success: a resource for schools helps to evaluate and improve student wellbeing. The resource builds on ERO's previous work and complements the School Evaluation Indicators published in May 2015. 

2016 e-asTTle workshops now available


e-asTTle workshops for 2016 are now available for registration. These workshops are funded by the Ministry of Education, and are run across the country.

Find out more...

NZTA game design competition for years 7-13


In this competition from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) student teams can enter a game design document, or a playable game about safe road use.

Any game format is accepted, e.g. digital games, board or card games, drama or physical activity games.

Supporting curriculum resources are available. Students can extend learning in subject knowledge, key competencies, and education for citizenship.

Prize details, student and teacher guides, ideas bank, and entry form are all online.

The closing date and time for entry forms is 5pm Friday 1 July 2016.

Ask the Connected Learning Advisory


Read about the Connected Learning Advisory's free, regional, professional learning days, and how they are supporting school and e-learning leaders to integrate digital technologies into learning.

The Connected Learning Advisory is running free professional learning days in 2016.

These days will take place in North Otago and Southland during term 1, Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay during term 2, and Taranaki in term 3.

You can register for the professional learning days by following the link from the Connected Learning Advisory website.

Modern New Zealand learning practice: glossary


The Education Review Office (ERO) has put together a glossary for leaders, teachers, trustees, parents, whānau and families, and learners to promote a shared understanding of new modern learning terms.

You can read the glossary on ERO’s website and download your own copy to share with colleagues, friends, and family.

This is a living document that will be updated as new terms emerge.

ERO is keen to know what you think of the glossary in their online survey .