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What's new

Future focused learning and the Olympics


The first part of this blog focuses on framing meaningful inquiries for students that foster the development of 21st century skills.

The second part highlights a range of rich, future-focused learning opportunities based around the Olympic Games, including online tools such as quadblogging, wonder walls, answer gardens, and Mystery Skype to help students connect and collaborate across the world.

Olympic Games 2016


The wickED website has a rich collection of teaching ideas and student learning activities to support the theme of the Olympic Games.

School Journals featuring the Olympic Games


Check your school's resource room for this selection of School Journal resources that explore connections to the Olympic Games.

Cook Islands Māori Language Week / Te epetoma o te reo Māori Kuki Airani, 31 July–6 August


Cook Islands Māori Language Week / Te epetoma o te reo Māori Kuki Airani takes place this year from 31 July to 6 August.

This resource page from NZ Curriculum Online provides ideas, resources, and inspiration to help you learn and celebrate the languages of the Cook Islands with your school community.

Hou mai: Discovering Maōri medium education


If you are considering the benefits of a Māori education for your whānau, we invite you to enter this whare kōrero. It is a house of opinion and discussion that we hope inspires you.

These 26 short video messages are for parents who are perhaps unsure about what Māori education for their children might mean. It is for those who are interested but not yet convinced that such an education will address their own family needs. 



Paekupu is a new website that will house all dictionaries that support the implementation of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. The dictionaries will identify and provide detailed explanations of the technical language used within each learning area of the marau and provide examples of how the terminology can be used within a learning context.

Initially Paekupu will house two sections of the Ngā Toi dictionary currently under development however, it will be continually supplemented with further dictionaries so that Māori medium teachers and students will be able to start accessing specialist curriculum-based language from a single online portal. Toi Ataata (visual arts) and Toi Puoro (music) will go-live first, then Ngā Mahi ā te Rēhia (performing arts) will be added on its completion in June 2017. This will be followed by Te Reo Matatini (literacy) in December 2018. Pūtaiao (science) and Pāngarau (maths) will also be brought into Paekupu at a later date and other similar resources will be added as they are developed.

Rūaumoko - The Rumbling Voice


Rūaumoko - The Rumbling Voice, is an interactive educational digital book narrated by Deaf Māori students in Te Reo Turi/New Zealand Sign Language. It tells the story of Rūaumoko, the Māori God of Earthquakes, and looks at the relationship of this deity to Deaf Māori people. Produced as an educational resource, this digital book was developed over an intensive five day workshop held in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Kelston Deaf Education Centre, CORE Education Ltd and KIWA Digital. This narration is supported by text and audio in te reo Māori and English.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games


The Rio 2016 Olympic Games take place from 5 to 21 August, and the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games are from 7 to 18 September. 
The Olympic Games provide a useful context for meeting the intent of The New Zealand Curriculum.
New Zealand Curriculum Online has a collection of teaching ideas and resources to help you share the Olympic spirit with your school and community.

Supporting effective teacher aide practice


The teacher aide guide on the Inclusive Education website provides guidance for school leaders on how to strengthen the work of teacher aides.

The guide brings together all the latest research, literature, and practice information on the support teacher aides need to be effective in their roles.

The guide links to a new series of videos talking about and demonstrating effective teacher practice.

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 4–10 July 2016


Te Wiki o te Reo Māori takes place this year between Monday 4 July and Sunday 10 July. The kaupapa for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2016 is Ākina Te Reo – Give te reo Māori a go! which is about using te reo Māori to support people, to inspire, and to cheer on.

In support of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori the Ministry of Education has sent a one off distribution of resources into schools. These resources have been developed by Te Taura Whiri, the Māori Language Commission and are available for digital download on their site http://www.tetaurawhiri.govt.nz/what-we-do/events-and-promotions/maori-language-week/te-wiki-o-te-reo-maori-resources/

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori provides an opportunity to celebrate and learn te reo Māori, helping to secure its future as a living, dynamic, and rich language. 

Te Taura Whiri has developed 50 phrases in te reo Māori that are simple to use. The phrases will be related to sports events, starting with the Olympics and continuing with other sports and events during the year. The phrases will encourage communities to rally behind our athletes.

NZ Curriculum Online offers ideas, links, and stories to help schools engage with their families and whānau to support the learning of te reo Māori in both the school and home environment.