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What's new

Seaweek – Kaupapa Moana – 28 February to 8 March 2020


Seaweek – Kaupapa Moana 2020 takes place from 29 February to 8 March. This year the theme is "Connecting With Our Seas". 

Schools can get involved in a range of activities, opportunities, competitions, and action to enable their students and wider community to connect with our seas. 

New Zealand Curriculum Online suggests ideas, activities, and resource material for classroom programmes and school-wide activities.

School Leavers’ Toolkit workshops


The University of Otago’s Education Support Services is providing a series of free nationwide workshops, on the Ministry of Education's behalf, introducing teachers, kaiako, schools and kura to the School Leavers’ Toolkit.

The toolkit aims to provide students with practical life skills including financial capability, civics education, key work place competencies, and personal wellbeing.

The workshops are for both English medium schools and Māori medium kura.

Attendance is free and catering will be provided.

Visit the Education Support Services website for workshop dates, locations, and enrolment details



The Paekupu website holds dictionaries relating to the learning areas in Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

In recent weeks, approximately 1200 hangarau matihiko words have been added, bringing the total number of headwords close to 9000.

Four papakupu have been completed for Te Marautanga o Aotearoa wāhanga ako to date, these are: Pāngarau, Pūtaiao, Ngā Toi and Te Reo Matatini. The three remaining wāhanga ako that require development are Hangarau Matihiko, Tikanga ā-Iwi and Hauora – work to complete these other strands is ongoing.

 Webinar: Technology and integrating storytelling – Wednesday, 26 February, 3.45 pm – 4.45 pm

Webinar: Technology and integrating storytelling: Wednesday, 26 February, 3.45 pm – 4.45 pm


Come along and hear Lisa Byers, technology specialist at Maori Hill School, talk about how she planned and integrated the revised technology learning area and other learning areas in digital storytelling.

At the webinar, there will also be time for you to ask Lisa your questions.

Register here

Resource to support understanding of student progress and achievement across the curriculum


This resource, intended to be used in staff/syndicate meetings or individually, aims to support teachers to deepen their understanding of assessment for learning principles and practices in their classrooms, with a particular emphasis on measuring, responding to, and reporting progress and achievement across the curriculum.

New report findings will help schools implement the digital technologies curriculum content


A new report by @EducationRevNZ will help schools implement the new Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko curriculum content. It highlights the enablers and barriers schools faced, and shows how leadership is critical to supporting change. Read more »

Climate Change: Prepare today, live well tomorrow - Level 4 learning programme


The Climate Change: Prepare today, live well tomorrow - Level 4 learning programme (PDF) supports schools and teachers to increase awareness of climate change and helps students understand how it impacts them on a local, national and global scale.

This teaching resource, aimed at level 4 of the NZ Curriculum, allows students to explore and act on opportunities to reduce and adapt to the impact of climate change on everyday life.

The Climate Change: Prepare today, live well tomorrow - Wellbeing Guide (PDF) links into, and is intended to be used alongside this learning programme.

This guide provides teachers with background information and tailored resources, including practical activities and tip sheets, to help them navigate the delivery of climate change scientific content, whilst maintaining the wellbeing/hauora of students. 

For more information see the Education for Sustainability Tools and Resources section of NZ Curriculum Online.

Game development in the classroom


More and more schools are making digital game design part of their learning programmes.

This new page from Enabling e-Learning explores the benefits for students, suggests approaches to planning a game design unit, and links to a number of related readings and resources.

Raranga Matihiko | Weaving Digital Futures Programme


The Raranga Matihiko programme is continuing in 2020, serving decile 1–3 schools and kura in Northland, Auckland, Wellington, and Hawke's Bay.
Book now to secure your place in this museum-led, locally delivered, student learning programme, which integrates the revised technology learning area and hangarau matihiko content with your class inquiry.

Each class will have a bespoke programme plan designed for their learners.

The programme is provided at no cost to the school. The costs covered include Teacher Release Day (TRD) for one planning day, transport while visiting the museum, facilitation, and technology use.

Book or inquire about the programme at rarangamatihiko@tepapa.govt.nz.

He Māpuna te Tamaiti: Supporting Social and Emotional Competence in Early Learning


He Māpuna te Tamaiti is a new resource designed for kaiako in early learning settings. It promotes proactive, intentional approaches to supporting the development of children's social and emotional competence.

An online version of the book and a self-assessment tool are now available in the self management and regulation section of Te Whāriki Online.

The book is being distributed with a set of cards for use in daily practice and during professional learning conversations. The cards are based on the appendix of He Māpuna te Tamaiti. 

The material is relevant for all types of early learning services including home-based care, playgroups, and early childhood centres, as well as for junior class teachers in schools.